Print gnumeric file into PS on command line


I have a collection of gnumeric file (xml format). I edit those with php
from web server, in small words I replace a label with other data. For
example, I have:

<gmr:Cell Col="39" Row="2" ValueType="60">|||MYLABEL|||</gmr:Cell>

and after replace

<gmr:Cell Col="39" Row="2" ValueType="60">Mutato</gmr:Cell>

Now I want print out it into PostScript format directly from web
server, on command line. Gnumeric support an option for this situation?

I tried a lots ways, but output is unreadeable! Only way found is
File/Print/Location/File into Gnumeric GUI. I tried too transform XML
into PDF with XSL-FO parser but... it don't work for me.

Do you have ideas for help me?

Thanks and sorry for my English.

Nomine Mutato

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