Re: Some ideas for next version


Le mercredi 01 décembre 2004 à 14:56 +0100, Parrenin Frederic a écrit : 
I'm planning to work on axis handling in order to support more plot
types: XY plot with 2 Y axis, 3D plots, waterfall plots.

I hope you will implement support for more than 2 X and Y axis in the
charting engine.
Graphs with only one X-axis and 2 Y-axes at maximum is a critical
limitation of XL. It is perhaps the main reason why people often need
another graphing software.

Ah, great, I would really like to have some chart examples that need
more than two X or Y axes.

It seems rather easy to implement charts with 2 X axes and 2 Y axes,
more is a bit tricky. But if there's a need, I'll take the hard road.


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