Re: weird limits

rivin math temple edu wrote:

To my great chagrin, I discovered that the last part of the recipe below
(recompilation) is basically impossible. I have tried it on a Mac OS X
machine (heavily finkified), on a Fedora-based enterprise machine, and on
a knoppix up-to-date debian machine. No luck, after spending (literally)
hours getting the latest versions of everything. It looks like I have to
be living in the gnome development world to recompile. It is nice to have

What are the errors you recieve, if any?
Have you downloaded the development packages? (usually known as libgnomeprint-devel and such like). If you're trying to compile on a debian based machine, you can simply type "apt-get build-deps gnumeric" as root, and this should download all packages you need to compile Gnumeric. I don't remember exactly the packages you need to compile Gnumeric, but try checking the website, and it should have an updated list. If you get specific errors after downloading the -devel packages, the list should be able to help you muddle through.

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