Re: minus numbers denoted by parentheses are not recognised

On Tue, 06 Apr 2004, "george g." apparently wrote:
Using Gnumeric1.1.19.          When downloading stock transactions,  the
negitive numbers are shown in parentheses.  The program does not
recognise these numbers as having any value. The program will not let me
reformat  them as a group to numbers with minus signs instead of
parentheses. It will let me edit individual cells by deleting the
parentheses and adding a minus sign, after which the program recognises
the numbers.    The cursor  seems to always be in the form of a plus
sign. This program appears to have everything but I will not be  able to
use it if I can't solve this problem.   I would like to use this program
and will greatly appreceat any help I can get.       Thanks  alot

Sorry if this seems OT.
Might you donwload the data as text and preprocess it with
sed before importing it into gnumeric?  Perhaps (untested):
s/\( *([0-9]+) *\)/ -\1 /

Alan Isaac

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