some bugs in 1.1.90

While testing the latest gnumeric, I found some
bugs/problems/annoyances. Since I am not subscribed to this list, I am
not sure if they are known issues and whether I should submit them to
bugzilla. Here they are:

1. The drop-down list of fonts has a problem: I have many fonts
installed, so the drop-down list is *very* long - it doesn't fit on my
screen. But there are no scrollbars or arrows at top/bottom - so I can't
access the lower part of the list at all. Not sure if it is a gtk bug,
or gnumeric is using a wrong widget.

2.  When entering data in a cell, the toolbar and menu bar become greyed
out. It may make sense - they are inactive at that moment - but looks
quite distracting and discouraging. Is there a way to avoid it?

3. There are some problems with Help: selecting "help" in the menu
launches Yelp and shows table of contents OK, but when I click, say, on
"How to use this manual", I get a blank page - showing absolutely
nothing. (From exchange on  gnome doc list, I gather that Adrian and
Malcolm are working on documentation installation, so this is probably

4.  In Preferences dialog, section Files: I see checkboxes 
    "Default to overwriting files"
    "Warn when exporting..."
    "schema missing"
This last one is probably a bug - maybe a schema file didn't get

5. In graph guru, when creating a bar graph, in step 2: select one of
the axes, click "details", select "cross". There is something that looks
like a combobox next to it, but there is no number, and clicking on
up/down arrows produces no result - only the following error message to
the console:  
(gnumeric:12445): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkmenu.c: line 1080
(gtk_menu_get_active): assertion `GTK_IS_MENU (menu)' failed

6. In "save as" dialog, in the list of file types, there is "gnumeric
XML file format" and "UNFINISHED Gnumeric XML". One wonders what  the
difference is? And does unfinished means that gnumeric XML shouldn't be
(My feeling is, either this format works - then remove unfinished and
explain what is the difference from the usual gnumeric format - or it
doesn't, then remove this from the default build. Otherwise, it just
confuses the users).

7. Histogram tool: click bins, then select "calculated bins", then click
in one of entry fields, e.g. "Min". Cursor doesn't appear (however, you
still can enter the value). 
Note: if you click on "Min" while "Predetermined bins" is selected, the
dialog behaves as expected: "calculated bins" is selected, and cursor
appears in entry field. 

8. Format cells dialog->alignment tab:
it contains sections "vertical alignement" and "horizontal alignement". 
As far as I know, it is not the correct spelling of this word - at least
not in American English, not sure about British. But even if it is
allowed in British, I'd suggest to change it to "alignment" to agree
with the tab name :)

So far, this is it. So please let me know if I should file them in
Bugzilla or not. Please cc me as I am not on this list. 


PS. Technical details: I am using Red Hat 9 with Ximian Desktop 2;
gnumeric was built on this machine from the tarball using rpmbuild -tb.
No build errors. 


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