freezing panes


(I'm using gnumeric cvs-version of today)

the behaviour of freezing panes is somewhat confusing to me.
Right now, I use the feature when I have a number of labels on the first
row, wich I want to keep when scrolling to higher row-numbers. (or a
similar situation with columns)

To freeze the first row, I have to select the second row. (because the
freeze occurs above and to the left of the selected cell)

Less confusing (to me) would be; if I want to freeze row-1, to select
row-1 and then use 'freeze panes'.
For this behaviour the freeze would have to occur below and to the right
of the current cell.

I could live with the current scheme as well. But it would need getting
used to.

I don't have the opportunity right now to check how Excel does this.

Tino Meinen

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