Re: gnumeric to Haskell

On Fri, Oct 24, 2003 at 05:06:48PM +1000, Lloyd wrote:

I have some machine-learning code, written in Haskell,
that I would like to be able to call from gnumeric.

Haskell (ghc) has a nice foreign function interface (FFI),
i.e. Haskell <-> C, that is quite easy to start using.

I have looked at some gnumeric documentation, such as the
simple `add two numbers' example function, but don't know
exactly where and how one would actually add this example
to gnumeric.

So I have a considerable gap, on the gnumeric side,
in the necessary knowledge to get started on this.
Probably the way to proceed will be to
write some C<->Haskell to understand gnumeric
values, cells, sheets, ?ranges? which should
be easy (well, less hard). The present difficulty
is how and where to add or "register" this stuff
( .../plugins/fn-date/ is rather daunting and seems
  a long way from `add two numbers').

The process should be fairly simple, but will depend a bit on
exactly what you'd like to do.

1) Write a general purpose bridge to haskel so that you can write
arbitrary sheet functions in haskel and have them available in a
workbook.  Look at something like the guile plugin to see how this

2) write a function in C that internally uses some haskel code.
This is obviously much simpler.

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