Re: Graphing - axis tick autospacing

Le lun 06/10/2003 à 11:14, Emmanuel PACAUD a écrit :

As asked by Jody, here's a patch I submit to the list for discussion.

This patch is related to calculation of auto spacing of tick marks for

What need to be discussed is the new heuristic and the removal of the
pull to 0 feature.

The new heuristic should provide better autospacing results for values <
-1.0, and has a parameter for the desired number of ticks (currently a
defined constant, but could be a user setting). Compare results with
cursor set to 60 and 61 obtained with head and with patch applied.

This patch also removes pull to 0, since if user wants this behaviour,
he can set it manually. 

You'll find attached the patch and a gnumeric test file.

So, comments ?



Well, your patch seems quite good concerning scientific plots at least.
I am not sure it would be the same thing for other plots, as bar plots
in statistics. As a scientist (chemist), I would like it adopted, but I
am not sure it would be a good thing to impose this to everybody. What
would be most interesting is a configurable default behavior.



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