printing redirect

Hi there, I have a question, 

Is there any way to redirect printing output to a file
(pdf maybe) ?, so this way, every time i send
something to print, it saves into a /tmp/file instead
of goes to lpt.

I'm using Gnumeric-1.2.2 (downloaded from cvs) on a
RH9 machine and I've seen a file called /src/print.c
which has some printing routines, but since there are
bunchs of xml files round there I'm not pretty sure
(in fact, i have no idea) about which of them should I

In this Gnumeric version, I can choose between "Create
a PDF file" or "Generic PostScript", so I guess I
could from sources set a default PDF file printing

Any help or comment is welcome, thanks


Atte.Carlos Alberto Vences Sánchez0172112393Metepec, Méxicoxneon79 netscape net

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