Re: Open Office file formats (Oasis-open) and gnumeric

On Fri, Mar 07, 2003 at 02:56:55PM -0500, Russell McOrmond wrote:

  Since gnumeric already has Quattro Pro importing, I suspected I should 
post this here.  Any help appreciated.

  I haven't yet checked out the source to see who the author of the import
filter is, and hope to talk to this person about licensing issues and
whether this group of students might be able to re-use that code.  If the
result is to be able to be imported into then there is a
license incompatability between the GPL and that projects duel/dual

All of the plugins included in the primary source tree are GPLed.

As you note there is an importer for Quattro Pro.  Morten has
cleaned up the function handling and I did much of the initial
framework.  It does not handle several of the more modern flavours
of Quattro Pro.  However, they could be added fairly easily given
some sample files and someone with interest.  There is also an OO
importer which handles the basic structures.

  I am also interested to hear more of GNUmeric and GNOME Office 
interaction with the Oasis-open TC, and whether this XML-based standard 
will be supportd by GNOME Office.

At this point we have no plans to adopt the OO proposal as our
primary format, and I have not started on an OO exporter.  After
evaluating the format I was not thrilled with portions of it, and
have decided to continue looking at other options.

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