Re: Opinions on menu layout for creating/modifying/deleting comments

On Wed, Jun 11, 2003 at 09:21:45PM -0600, Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:
We may have various groups of items:

1) Cut,copy, paste, paste special, clear, delete, insert rows, cols,
cells, function, special, fill

This group seems to edit specific cell content

2) undo, redo

These are super items 

3) search, search and replace, goto, select

are essentially movement items

4) sheet->*, name, chart, image

are sheet-wide items (charts etc are attached to a sheet not really to a

5) recalculate is a control item, that doesn't really fit

6) Comment and hyperlink are essentially sheet properties.

One very far reaching proposal would be:

- add (6) to the Format menu (removing sheet from that menu)
- replacing the Insert menu with a sheet menu including (4) in that menu
(moving sheet->* out of a submenu) as well as (3)
- move (5) into the tools or data menu
- put (1) and (2) into the edit menu (since people expect (2) to be

I'd rather see (3) in the Edit menu.  That is mostly likely where
people expect it to live.

Name is tricky.  Its not really a sheet level operation.  Most names
are workbook in scope.  It lives in Insert strictly because that is
where XL users expect it to be.

recalc -> Data seems good.
comment/hyperlink -> format is also reasonable given our

The various sheet objects may be ambiguous later when we try to
support charts and objects in their own tabs.

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