chinese input method collided with gnumeric

Dear all,

   I came from China , and were using gentoo 1.4RC4,gnome2 and gnumeric 1.1.19 now. I found a problem that I can't input chinese characters into gnumeric.

  I checked my system about this problem,in fact , I can input chinese characters in AbiWord or other application ,like gnome-terminal , Mozilla etc,with this input method.

  In the end,I found the answer that my chinese input method enable key (ctrl+space) collided with gnumeric functional key.If I pressed ctrl+space to enable input method,one column of cell will be all selected,then input method still was disable.

  Who can tell me how to adjust the functional key of gnumeric,then I can avoid this problem.That's a big problem for me.Thanks in advance.


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