Re: embed jpg/png/svg image in excel

On Mon, Jun 16, 2003 at 04:14:33PM -0400, Joydeep Bose wrote:

I am using gnumeric xml format to specify excel data and serialising it to 
excel format using cocoon HSSFSerialiser. 
Can somebody direct me how I can embed jpg/png or svg images in that excel 
using the xml format.

There are 2 issues at play here
1) as mentioned in the previous email, the format for storing images
has not been defined.

2) Even if it was defined I do not thing that HSSF supports
exporting images to xls yet.  Even gnumeric's exporter has only
recently become strong enough that I can think about adding it.

Something to do with Bonobo ?
Thankfully that is no longer a constraint.

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