1 week until gnumeric function documentation is string frozen

This time I really really mean it.  There may be a few new strings
coming down the line for charts, but the huge swath of text that
makes up the worksheet function docs are preparing to freeze.

Finally having a working doc build (thanks Adrian) I've flushed out
a pile of warnings, and spell checked things.  So life is basicly
correct.  Translators please don't lose heart that a pile of the
function docs just changed.  The tweaks are minor spelling, and line
break patches.  You can view the patch at

I'll push the patches out to the website shortly to facilitate

For translators a useful test is to go into gnumeric/doc/<lang>
and do a
    make functions.xml

We may need to rename directories and fix makefiles to get things
pointing in the right direction.  The goal is to be able to use your
hard work to generate a standalone manual for the function docs.

eg I just tried this for gnumeric/doc/de and found
1) That the locale was incorrectly specified as 'da' rather than
    'de_DE' (cut-n-paste error), then the build complain about a
    translation in

    "IMPRODUKT(\"^B-j\",\"4-2j\") liefert 6-8j.\n"

    Why is that ^B (<control-B>) there ?

Thanks for all the hard work.

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