Re: 1.1.x series printing problem

On Sat, Jul 05, 2003 at 10:53:54AM -0500, Ronald Odle wrote:
I have no trouble building Gnumeric 1.1.19 from source, but am unable to
print anything. I have had the same problem with all of the previous
1.1.x versions that I have compiled from source. Gnumeric 1.0.13, also
built from source, works just fine - no printing problems. Prior
1.0.x versions have also always worked properly.

When I start Gnumeric 1.1.19 I get the following warnings:

(gnumeric-1.1.19:1819): GnomePrint-WARNING **: No fonts could be loaded
into fontmap.

(gnumeric-1.1.19:1819): GnomePrint-CRITICAL **: file gnome-font.c: line
371 (gnome_font_find_closest_from_weight_slant): assertion `face !=
NULL' failed

If I do request a printout I get dozens of GnomePrint-CRITICAL warnings
and, of course, no printout.

I have probably scrambled something in the installation of the Gnome
print libraries. Could anyone suggest what I might do to sort this out?

Thankfully gnome-print no longer tries to do its own font
management.  The problem is likely tied to fontconfig which should
be a good deal simpler to fix.

Chema any ideas ?

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