Re: Plugin interface questions

On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 12:51:33PM +0100, Laurent Guerby wrote:

b) The python specific aspects of things.
    The web page you site you mention is a good overview.  You
    should note that the function name is _not_ magic.  It is
    specified in the plugin.xml file (or the if you
    want things translated).

That's not the way I read the code, has
hardcoded, and this file has $HOME/.gnumeric/ hardcoded.
Only is in the XML.

But there seem to be multiple python plugin architecture
only the old one seems documented.

Looks easy to improve things here :).

Sorry I should have been more specific.  gnumeric/src/python has
been removed in the development series.  The primary interface is
now in gnumeric/plugins/python-loader.
The main changes between 1.0.9 and 1.0.12 related to working around
libxml1 breakage with non-ascii characters.  You may want to update
when you start putting french text into spreadsheets.

Everything is english, as I said it's used worldwide (but it would
be nice that our Tokyo guyes can enter their stuff in Japanese :).
That is going to require 1.1.x.  The 1.0 series is just not suited
to real work with multibyte encodings.

We do custom graph modules for advanced stuff but it would
be nice to have an equivalent of Excel standard graphics there.

Excel is the bare minimum of functionality that we must support.
That is the sole item delaying the next stable release.  Thankfully
work has begun and I hope to have some visible results soon.
The last time I compiled GNOME stuff was a few years ago and it was
quite an adventure at the time :). I'm aware that there is
now documentation and scripts, any pointers on up to date
and usable docs/tutorial/scripts?

jhbuild or garnome have both made the process much smoother.  Either
will suit your purposes.

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