Gnumeric 1.1.16

Gnumeric 1.1.16 aka 'L M L W' is now available.

    A few long awaited improvements to the internals have finally landed.  This
    includes full support for Ms Excel's 1904 date convention.  If you don't
    know what it is consider yourself lucky.  Jon K?re stepped up and finished
    off the hyper-link dialog which makes that feature useful.  There was also a
    fair amount of testing for the xls exporter.  We can definitely handle
    files larger than 6.8Meg now (something gnumeric-1.0.x & libole2 could not).
    Also, at Daniel's behest our new xml import utilities can correctly handle
    namespaces, enough that a quick test wrapper for Ms Excel XP's xml format
    was simple.  Oddly, I actually prefer Excel's xml to OpenOffice.

    NOTE : Although this is a development release it should be quite
      stable.  There are is still feature regressions from 1.0
      (porting graphs to gtk2) but other than that this release should
      be usable.  Please play with it.

    NOTE : This release now relied on gnome-print-2.2.x

        * Support Mac Office style 1904 date convention.
        * Fix recalc problem with MMULT.
        * Bump libgsf req to 1.7.2
        * Fixed XL export (apologies to all)
        * Improve support for negative elapsed time formats.
        * Minor lotus-123 import issue.
        * Added Skeleton for importing MS Excel XML.
        * Changed default toolbar layout to icon only.

Jon K?re:
        * Finish UI for managing hyperlinks of various sorts.
        * Skip sheet chooser page in text export when there is only
          one sheet (Fixes 84791).
        * Paste OpenCalc from clipboard.
        * Paste html tables from clipboard.

        * Fix MDETERM.
        * Lower number of matrix LU-decomposition routines from three to
        * Add function renaming support for file formats that use function
          names different from our.
        * Partial buffer overrun audit.
        * Improve fraction format.
        * Move pango attribute calculation into rendered value.  (Operation
          Snappiness, Part 1 of many.)
        * Eliminate StyleColor member of RenderedValue.  (Operation
          Snappiness, Part 2.)

Nicolas Peninguy :
        * Decrease dependence on glibc regexp extensions.

Murray Cumming :
        * Port to the gnome-print-2.2 api.

Theppitak Karoonboonyanan:
        * Improve XIM support.

Wayne Schuller  <k_wayne linuxpower org>
        * Initial implementation of fit-to-pages printing.

* Availability

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