Re: Graphing development - question

On Thu, Dec 18, 2003 at 02:14:57PM +0100, Emmanuel Pacaud wrote:
The problem is that as soon as a button click occur over the
chart area, the chart is selected and no more mouse events are transmitted 
to gog_control_foocanvas.

That is very strange. I have implemented anolog things elsewhere and
they work ((using GnomeCanvas, but it should be the samething with
foocanvas). Could you provide some sample code?

Well, there's nothing special in my code. item_klass->event is set to my
custom event handler gog_control_foocanvas_event in

Apparently, no events are  transmitted to gog_control_foocanvas_event
when this gog_control_foocanvas item is graphically selected. Probably
someone who is used to code related to mouse event handling of the sheet
canvas knows where and when this event are processed.

I tried to find this by myself, but I'm a bit lost in gnumeric code. 

The events are being caught by the transparent 'accetate' object
that we overlay while things are active to allow dragging.  For
debugging purposes you can disable it by commenting out

        item_class->point = item_acetate_point;

in item-acetate.c:item_acetate_class_init

During 1.3 we need to do some planning for the 'SheetObjects' that
will include a more nuanced event model.

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