Re: how to volunteer?

On Tue, Dec 16, 2003 at 03:00:54PM -0600, Matthew Crouch wrote:
I am interested in working on the Windows port of gnumeric. Back
in August, Jody said it was "largely just a build monkey issue"

I wonder what the status is? My experience with this kind of
programming is limited, but "build monkey" sounds like it might be
within my capacity...

The vast majority of the work is done.  There are still a few
lingering depends on libgnome, but those are due to be removed
shortly after we branch for 1.3.x this weekend.  If you have some
time to look into setting up a win32 build env for gtk it would be a
huge help.  Mingwin32 seems like a good bet.

If you can get far enough to start trying to compile, we'd be able
to track any unexpected depends much faster.

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