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Hi Lionel,

Have you tried selecting the row just below your titles and then going to the 
"View" menu
and selecting
"Freeze Panes" from that list. This may be what you want. Everything above the cell you selected is 'frozen' 
(this would include your headers) everything below it scrolls. 
You can reverse it by selecting "Unfreeze Panes" also from the view menu.
All the best,

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From: SAINTE CLUQUE Lionel <saintel esiee fr>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 14:23:20 +0100
To: gnumeric-list gnome org
Subject: [idea]

Would it be possible (I'm sure it will) to give a name a title or a 
subtitle to the rows and columns? It is usefull to have it labelled by a 
letter in order to write formulas, but it is meaningless. I would be 
glad to have something like:

____________| A, date of birth| B, age|
1, Mr BROWN |                 |       |
2, Mr PINK  |                 |       |
3, Ms MARPLE|                 |       |

I usually do
_|     A    |      B      |   C   |
1|          |date of birth|age    |
2| Mr BROWN |             |       |
3| Mr PINK  |             |       |
4| Ms MARPLE|             |       |

But when I am row 100 I can no longer see my column title and idem for 
colums  and rows.

Don't you like this idea?


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