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Glad to hear of your interest in using Gnumeric. The development branch
(the 1.1.x versions) is starting to shine and will soon eclipse the
stable branch (1.0.x) in all areas. Gnumeric does not yet have a true
scripting environment partly because it has not yet been truely needed.

Firstly, python support in Gnumeric is steadly improving. No one has
thrown themselves at scripting Gnumeric with python yet, so we don't
really know the limits of this capability. If you are interested, I
suspect some of the principal developers would be willing to answer your
questions. The documentation unfortunately does not exist yet because
I've been lazy. See
to get started but even that is being outdated by the development work
going on in Gnumeric.

Secondly, it is very easy to write plugins for Gnumeric to perform
certain tasks. This has allowed users to extend Gnumeric without needing
a scripting language per se. Get the Gnumeric source code and look in
the gnumeric/src/plugins/ directory for example code.

Thirdly, Gnumeric is free software which means you can access the code
directly. This greatly reduces the need for scripting which exists in
other softare principally because users do not have access to the
internals of the spreadsheet and therefore need another mechanism to
interact with the program.

Drop into the #gnumeric irc channel on if you can, since
developers there may be interested in your work and in helping you get
started. Best of luck,


On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 02:20, gsowww yahoo co uk wrote:
As someone who is thinking of transferring a SQL/PLSQL program to
gnumeric, is there a way to script gnumeric commands?

Thanks in advance,


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