Re: What's the easiest way to create a file of 2d matrices to import in separte sheets?

On Fri, Aug 08, 2003 at 09:28:33AM +0100, John N S Gill wrote:
One thing you should take a look at is Jworkbook -- this is a java
package that lets you write
spreadsheet files in the gnumeric format.

yah, I'd pointed him at that too.  It seems to be experiencing a
touch of bit-rot, and now generates a somewhat dated version of the
format.  If there is interest we could probably merge it into
gnumeric cvs in a new utilities tree.
Coming soon -- pworkbook, a pure python implementation of jworkbook that
I have been working on.  Hope to have it generally available in the not
too distant future.

Nifty.  That would be nice to bundle too.

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