Re: For mingw developers ...[Fwd: Win32 GNOME 2 Patches]

On Tue, Apr 29, 2003 at 03:13:26PM -0700, Dom Lachowicz wrote:

Many of the Gnome2 libraries and dependencies can
currently run "natively" on top of Win32, using Gtk2,
Glib2, Gnet, and the like as their portability layer.
This, IMO, is the right way to go. If we're seriously
interested in this, we've got to figure out which ones
don't, and why.

100% agreement.

I would not advocate building a win32 version of gnumeric that
requires cygwin.  My goal has been to remote the gnome (and by proxy
bonobo) dependencies, and pare things down to only that set of
libraries that have native builds.

gtk (and by extension atk, pango, glib) have win32 versions.
libglade and libxml are also clean.  The gnome-canvas may have
problems due to an explicit usage of the freetype pango backend.
libgsf is known clean on win32.

libgnome would be simple were it not for bonobo that will not run
under win32, so both need to go.  There are still a few vestigages
of both for me to root out.  GAL is seeing minimal usage, mainly the
xml DOM utilities and a few widgets that will be moving.  So it too
can be removed.  Which leaves gnome-print as the only real question

The first and most important step would be for someone to put a
build environment in place and try it out.  I just can't stomach
creating yet another build system.

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