Re: Hy Everybody!

On Tue, Apr 01, 2003 at 04:44:34PM -0600, Mat?as Salvador wrote:
I would like to know if it exists a conversor from a SWC Format
File (StarOffice-StarCalc) to plain text. Can I do this with
There is a swc importer and a text exporter in the development
version of gnumeric (1.1.x).  The sxc import is functional, but
is not complete.  Notably it does not handle col/row sizing and
visibility.  Neither would be hard to add, and neither really effect
text export.

Is there any command line that allows me to do so?
Not yet.  Although you are about the 6th person to ask for such a
beast in the last few days.  It is trivial to write it at this
point.  I may take a break from the graphs and add it shortly.

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