exporting graphics


I have made some graphics with guppi & gnumeric

I can't find the way on how to export it, I prefer to export it in a .eps

I've tried to print the cells containing the graphic and then using the
ps2eps tool... I would like to know if there is a better solution

any hint would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance


Some info about versions of the related software:

ulisses agapito:~$ dpkg -l | grep guppi
ii  libguppi16     0.40.3-1       GNOME graph and plot component
ulisses agapito:~$ dpkg -l | grep gnumeric  
ii  gnumeric       1.0.8-1t1      A GNOME spreadsheet application
ii  gnumeric-doc   1.0.8-1t1      Documentation for Gnumeric, the GNOME spread

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