AKA 'Jon K?re is a hero'

What is libgsf
    The GNOME Structured file library.  At its root it is a replacement
    and generalization of libole2.  It can read & write MS OLE2 file,
    and Zip files.


    This release now meets the inital target requirements, and is
    stable enough for wider deplyment.  Some of the api my te.  Jon
    K?re was implemented and tested zip file export and polished up
    the zip import to conform to the conventions established in the
    OLE importer.  While he was working away I add several utilities
    to simplify writing xml SAX importers, storing directories of
    files, and improving error support in GsfOutput.  At Federico's
    behest I also ported over some of the code from gedit to improve
    the handling of backup files, symlinks, and set-guid
    directories.  After much research I also added a fairly complete
    implemetnation of importing MS OLE property sets.  It appears to
    handle everything in our test set and support several features
    not handled in any of the preceding OLE libraries.

        * Move some iconv utility routines here from gnumeric.
        * More work on reading ole property sets.
        * Minor tweak directory handling for infile-zip.
        * Replace test-cat-zip with test-msole2
        * Add error handling mechanism to GsfOutput
        * Borrow the temp file handling from gedit
        * Add some xml SAX parsing utilities (api is tentative)
        * Add some structured blob utilites for easy in/out of blob trees
        * Support unicode property values and names in ole files.

    Jon K?re:
        * sync the directory semantics of infile-zip with infile-msole.
        * Support seeking within zip streams.
        * Make dup work properly for gzip and zip children.
        * Implement Zip export.

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