Re: A little thanks

On Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 09:45:18PM -0500, DC wrote:
I used gnumeric for the first time today to read in a few excel files 
and generate a few graphs.  After reading the instructions the third 
time I finally figured out that I had to define the size of the graph 
after I clicked finish in the guru - duh.  Anyway I just wanted to 
hmm, yes this is one of those gray areas where we do things
differently than excel.  I dislike the notion of just sticking the
graph in at a random point with a random size, but your unoffical
user test indicates why they did that.  We change the cursor, I
suppose we could also add a message in the status box like
    'click on sheet to place graph'

relate how impressed I was with the overall fit and finish of gnumeric 
(I have 1.0.5); the program worked flawlessly and I could not have been 
more impressed with the results.  Thanks for putting your effort into a 
quality open source project - it is much appreciated.
Thanks for the vote of confidence.  Its always nice to hear
something other than bug reports :-)

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