List criteria under Data-->Validate


Is the "In a list" option for cell validation criteria not functional? 

Or am I filling in the source field the wrong way? Here's what I tried:

where A2 contains "choice1" A2 contains "choice2" and A4 contains

Actually, I just entered A2-A4 and gnumeric automatically reformated the

But when I enter data into the affected cells, not only was a drop-down
list not provided (a nice perk I wasn't necessarily expecting) but
gnumeric allowed me toenter any text I wanted (i.e. other than
"choice1", "choice2" and "choice3"). This was the case regardless of the
Error Alert settings under the validation tab.

I've both text and numerical source data, with the same results.


Steven Watt
St. John's, NF
Email: stevenwatt roadrunner nf net

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