Re: Typing Cyrillic in gnumeric

On Tue, Sep 03, 2002 at 03:18:20PM +0200, Sebastien Blondeel wrote:
How should I do to be able to use, in Gnumeric, Unicode characters (say,
at least iso-latin-1[5] and Cyrillic) and to type them with the X
keysyms, as I do in Mozilla?

In the 1.0.x version of gnumeric you are limited to a 1 encoding,
and in all probability only single byte encodings.  Hence you could
use latin-1 or latin-5 but not at the same time.  The development
version of gnumeric 1.1.x uses pango and utf8 internally so that
restriction has been removed.  The main difficulty in 1.0.x has been
getting the gnome-print fonts configured correctly for other
locales.  There are some articles in the list archives that detail
how to do that.

Good Luck

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