Typing Cyrillic in gnumeric


I would like to use Gnumeric to type Cyrillic, in order to manage a
personal list of words in French / English / Russian (as in
, screenshot from a small personal CGI I did to test the idea).

Cyrillic letters are not HTML named entities, but they are valid xmodmap
keysyms. To type Cyrillic letters with my American keyboard, I used the
Debian package xrus on the following map:
which is shown on the following HTML document:
(this is the normal layout used in Russia).

Mozilla knows what to do with iso-latin-1 and Cyrillic letters as long
as it receives them in the correct keysyms. No special locale needed. It
does not appear to be the same for gnumeric: the cells remain silent.
The documentation and the font dropdown (where I saw come "Cyrillic"
entries but could not manage to use them) did not help.

How should I do to be able to use, in Gnumeric, Unicode characters (say,
at least iso-latin-1[5] and Cyrillic) and to type them with the X
keysyms, as I do in Mozilla?


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