building libgsf

Okay, Adrian got me through getting gnome-common and installing it into my
garnome file tree.  I thought from there all would be well and I could just
make install

and libgsf would be in.  Do the same for libgnomeprint and libgnomeprintui and
I'm ready to get and build the latest gnumeric and I can try to test it out.

However, when I try to run ./, I get:

~/GNOME/libgsf>sh ./ --prefix=/home/george/garnome

**Error**: You must have `automake' installed to compile libgsf.
(or a newer version if it is available)
~/GNOME/libgsf>whereis automake
automake: /usr/bin/automake /usr/share/automake

As you can see, automake is installed (1.4p5 as a matter of fact) and in my
path.  I can't figure out why it is complaining about it.  I cannot find
anything telling in the scripts in the libgsf directory about automake, so
I've hit a wall, again.

Since I get the same error with each of the libraries and other people have
made it further than I, I'm sure there's a realatively straightforward


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