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Date: 18 Nov 2002 17:35:09 -0000
From: Morten Welinder <terra diku dk>
To: gnumeric-list gnome org
Subject: qpro importer help needed

Hi. Some notes are in the text.

Best regards,

Stan J. Klimas
Deep River, Ontario

Hi there,

I need some help with the qpro importer from someone who happens to
have a manual lying around or remembers well...

A.  How many arguments do these functions take?
B1. What Gnumeric function, if any, do they correspond to?
B2. If none, what do they do?



Based on my manual for QP 6.0 (Novell Perfect Office) 
{ "err", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
no arguments, no brackets returns the value ERR
Similar functions (with no brackets):
{ "pmt", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The payment amount for loan, kept for compatiblity)
{ "pv", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
(pmt, Rate, Nper) 
The present value of an annuity, kept for backwards compatilibty.
{ "fv", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
(pmt, Rate, Nper)
The future value of an annuity, kept for backwards compatiblity.
{ "round", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
(X, num)
X rounded to the number of digits specificed by num (up to 15 digits)
{ "isnum", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
I cannot find this one. There is one called
1 if X is a numeric value, 0 otherwise.
and another one:
1 if X is NA, 0 otherwise.
{ "isstr", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
1 if X is a string, 0 othewise.
{ "len", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
a number of characters in a string.
{ "value", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
numeric value of string
{ "string", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
@string(X, num)
numeric value of X as a string, with num decimal places.
{ "mid", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
@mid(string, startNumber, number)
num characters of string, begining with startNumber character positions.
{ "find", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
@find(subString, String,StartNumber)
The character positon of the first subString found in String
{ "dateval", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
a date serial number
{ "timeval", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
a time serial number
{ "cellptr", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
the requested attribute of the current cell
{ "npv1", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
the present value of future cash flow
{ "irr", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
the internal rate of return
{ "hlookup", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The contents of the cell Row number of rows beneath X in the index row of 
{ "dsum", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
Database function. Sum of values in Column of Block that meets Criteria).
{ "davg", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
@davg(Block, Column,Criteria)
{ "dcount", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
(Block, Column,Criteria)
{ "dmin", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
(Block, Column, Criteria)
{ "dmax", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
(Block, Column, Criteria)
{ "dvar", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
(Block, Column, Criteria)
{ "dstd", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
(Block, Column, Criteria)
{ "index2d", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
Don't have this one. But:
@index(Block, Column, Row, <Page>)
{ "cols", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The number of columns in Block.
{ "rows", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
{ "repeat", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
@repeat(String, num)
String, repeated num times.
{ "replace", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
{ "proper", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
String with the first letter of each word capitalized.
{ "cell", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
the requested attribute of Block.
{ "s", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The string value of the upper left cell in Block (blank, if it is a value 
{ "n", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The numberic vlue of the upper lwft cell in Block (0, if it is a label or 
{ "exact", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
@exact(string1, string2)
1 if the strings are identical; 0 otherwise.
{ "call", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
Cannot find it.
{ "at", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The contents of the cell specified by the cell address label in Cell.
{ "rate", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
{ "term", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
{ "cterm", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
{ "sln", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
Straight-line depreciation allowance.
{ "syd", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
{ "ddb", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
{ "dstds", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
(Block, Column, Criteria)
{ "dvars", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
(Block, Column, Criteria)
{ "pval", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The present value of an annuity.
{ "paymt", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The payment amount of loan.
{ "fval", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The future value of an annuity.
{ "nper", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The number of periods.
{ "irate", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The periodic interest rate.
{ "ipaymt", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The portion of the payment amount of loan that is interest.
{ "ppaymt", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The portion of loan payment amount that is principal.
{ "sumproduct", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The dot (scalar) prodcut of the vectors corresponding to blocks.
{ "memavail", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The amount of conventional memory currently available.
{ "mememsavail", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The amount of expanded (EMS) memory currently avaialble (included for 
compatiblity with QP for DOS, always regurs NA)
{ "fileexists", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
1 if the filename exists, 0 othewise.
{ "curvalue", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The current value of the given Quattro9 Pro for Dos menu equivalent.
{ "hex2dec", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
I only have these:
The decimal equivalent of the hexadecimal number. The second function is up to 
64 bits.
{ "dec2hex", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
@numtohex64(Decimal, <places>)
{ "npv2", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
don't have this one, NPV was describe before.
{ "cellindex2d", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
@Cellindex(attribute,Block, Column,Row,<Page>)
{ "version", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The version number of QuattroPro. Please note no brackets.
{ "sheets", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The number of pages in Block.
{ "index3d", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
@index(Block, Column,Row,<Page>
The contents of the cell located at the specified column and row in Block.
{ "cellindex3d", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
{ "property", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
The value of the given perperty.
{ "ddelink", ARGS_UNKNOWN },
@ddelink([AppName | Topic] "DateToReceive", <nCols>,<nRows>,<nSheets>)
The requested data from the specified applicaton and DDE topic, retrieved to a 
block whose top left cell is the one containing @DDELINK, optional arguments 
limit the size of the data block, otherwise the block remains its original 
{ "command", ARGS_UNKNOWN }
The current setting of the given Quattro Pro for Windows command equivalent.


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