Re: Question on displaying chinese chars within cells

On Mon, May 27, 2002 at 02:23:56PM +0800, Zenith Lau wrote:
Hello everybody!

This is my first mail on this list!! I have just compiled gnumeric 1.0.6. However, I find a problem. When I 
input chinese characters into the cells, it can't be displayed correctly. I think that, the problem is 
caused by the fonts setting.

How can I solve this problem??

If the answer is quite trouble some, or hard to explain me with a mail.
Pointers for further information is welcomed!!

I have also try to solve my problem by looking at the code, but I failed,
as I am not faimilar with GTK, and gnome library. (I just know a little bit on it).

BTW, would you mind tell me, which files (.c/.h) is storing the code, which can let me know something 
about, the font and multibyte issue handling within gnumeric??

PS: Nice to meet you all ^^

I'm sorry to say that it is not something that can easily be fixed
in gnumeric 1.0.x.  There are many many places in that code that are
not multibyte aware.  Red hat has some patches that bandaid the
problem but nothing that fixes it.  The development version of
gnumeric is now using utf8 internally as is partially converted to
pango.  It will be able to support chinese characters.

Hope that helps

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