Re: 1.0.7

On Tue, Jun 18, 2002 at 05:05:43PM +0000, Stefano Zanelli wrote:

I'm using gnumeric 1.0.5 with satisfaction, but I'm not able to upgrade to
Every time I try to configure I get an error about missing libole2.
Of course libgnomeole2 is installed (In README.txt is stated that libole2 is
sometimes called libgnomeole2) in /usr/lib but gnome-config is not able to
find it so gnumeric gives me that error.
I've tried to make a sym-link ( -> libole2) but the error
is present.
Where am I wrong???

The problem is that your likely installing libole yourself in a
different prefix than your packaged gnome-libs.  Hence the
gnome-config does not find the config script.

setenv GNOME_PATH to the prefix you used for libole and things
should work.

    1.0.8 just came out with a fix for broken locales,  I'll do the
    release announcement tonight, but it is on the mirrors.

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