Re: locking cells

On Sat, Jun 15, 2002 at 10:19:43AM -0600, Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:

I could leave it alone and extended the sheet manager 
(format->sheet->manage) to set protection for individual sheets.

It would be very easy for me to make the required changes in commands.c 
to enforce protection for the various actions that may change cells.

But since Floris was going to work on this, I want to make sure that we 
don't collide (any further).

Thanks. Right now, I haven't really gotten to producing a patch really -
this is only a part-time thing and like I kindof expected the bits my
employer wants (ui level locking) are already in the devel tree. Don't
worry though, we're not done yet.

Of course, we could split the work. It would be very helpful if someone 
would compile a list of actions that currently change a locked cell (but 
shuldn't) so that we basically can check any progress made in this area.

Interesting. I will look into that (sounds easy enough with a bit
of scripting), but I also have some other bits
I have to look into. (more on that later)

So go straight ahead, I'll catch up with you eventually ;-)

Floris Kraak
Those parts of the system that you can hit with a hammer (not advised)
are called hardware; those program instructions that you can only curse
at are called software.
                -- Levitating Trains and Kamikaze Genes: Technological
                   Literacy for the 1990's.

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