Conversion to libgsf for import is complete

On Sat, Jun 08, 2002 at 02:13:17AM -0400, jody wrote:
xml DOM  : should work completely for both gzipped an non-gzipped files
xml SAX  : should work completely for both gzipped an non-gzipped files
MS Excel : converted but missing meta data and vba
Some work on vba is in CVS.  It is more advanced than libole, and
uses a slightly cleaner approach than OpenCalc, but is incomplete.

STF      : converted, untested
lotus123 : converted but untested
html   : converted but BROKEN.  It now uses libxml2 to parse the
         html, but someone needs to walk the resulting tree.
converted and fixed by Andreas.  It is now better, stronger, and
faster than before.

sylk   : converted but BROKEN until I finish the 'textline'
textline wrapper is complete, sylk should now be functional.

sc     : ditto.

dif    : unconverted
converted but untested.

mps    : unconverted
converted but untested.
applix         : unconverted
converted and modernized.  We now support a wider range of applix
versions along with some a few new features.

oleo   : unconverted
converted but untested.

xbase  : unconverted
converted but untested.

psiconv  : wrappers are converted, core is broken
plan perfect : converted but untested

Now that these are done I'll focus on ole export and zip import.
So that we can start on OpenCalc files.

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