Re: Gnumeric Preferences?


there are a few issues in your question:

1) opening gnumeric with a defined size:

this can be done on the command line with the standard --geometry
argument as in:

localhost$  gnumeric --geometry=965x655+80+60

this can also be put in the command line of a launcher on the
gnome-panel which is what I do so that gnumeric opens bigger than usual
whenever I click on the panel icon

2) opening gnumeric with a file name:

yeah, it works. Try it.

3) gnumeric re-opening to the size/position it was left in:

This is a developer issue. Don't really know what the standard
expectation would be. Probably there would be a gnome wide setting "apps
revert to last size [ ]" which gnumeric would follow but I'm sure there
are a million considerations which would have to be done. So this is
less likely.


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