Re: Chart wizzard cannot start

On Mon, Jul 29, 2002 at 14:10:32 +0200, Damian Dobroczynski wrote:
When trying to start the chart wizzard (clicking on the icon on the
toolbar or by menu 'Insert') I have the following message on std. error:

** WARNING **: <something about unfullfilled requirements> : while attempting 
to activate a graphic component. oaf-run-query 
"repo_ids.has('IDL:GNOME/Gnumeric/Graph_v2/Manager:1.0')" should return a 

What to do?

Please make a habit of providing _full details_ when reporting a bug, i.e.
_literal_ error messages. Use shell redirection, or script(1) to log them.

Typically, the error message you got indicates that you don't have guppi
( installed which is the graph
component gnumeric uses. Try installing a guppi package from your vendor.

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