Re: Multilingual Graphs

On Mon, 2002-07-22 at 12:41, Uri David Akavia wrote:
I know that HEAD is being converted to utf-8 and Pango.
My question is - will this conversion also cover creating graph labels
with multilingual (specifically bidirectional) text? Or is this
something that requires a change in Guppi, and what sort of change. If
this is a change in guppi, could someone from that team tell me if they
are working on it at all?

The GNOME2 port of Guppi uses Pango for rendering all text, and all text
(labels, graph titles, etc.) is assumed to be UTF-8.  So once GNOME2
Guppi is integrated with GNOME2 Gnumeric, we should be able to handle
Hebrew in the graphs without too many problems.


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