Re: Gnumeric bugs.


During the typing of "Sheet1!$a$1" I get...

ABR: Array bounds read (6 times):
  * This is occurring while in:
  g_utf8_prev_char [gutf8.c:194 pc=0xfa280cc0]
  gnm_expr_entry_can_rangesel [gnumeric-expr-entry.c:1065 pc=0x20eaf8]
  cb_entry_changed [gnumeric-expr-entry.c:715 pc=0x20d7e4]

  * Reading 1 byte from 0xdfedb7 in the heap.
  * Address 0xdfedb7 is 1 byte before start of malloc'd block at 0xdfedb8 of 16 bytes.
  * This block was allocated from:
  malloc + 1068 [pc=0x5a700]
  g_malloc [gmem.c:137 pc=0xfa2504e0]
  gtk_entry_init [gtkentry.c:882 pc=0xfa4fdf80]

Not good.


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