Re: Gnumeric bugs.

On Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 09:31:25PM -0500, Juan Pablo Mendoza wrote:
3. Delete Sheet1 (the only sheet) and hit OK, and say Yes to the question that popups.
That should not be permitted.

4. Insert->Sheet.
5. Type anywhere in that new sheet: Boom, crash.
Hmm, could be a symptom of (3), but its hard to say.
I'd suggest debugging (5) first to see if it is interesting.
2. Insert->Name->Define.
3. Name = Hello, Expression = Sheet1!$A$1, Scope = Workbook, hit Add,
then OK.
4. Inser a new sheet, on the new sheet, A1 = =Hello.
5. Delete Sheet1: Boom, crash.
This should be fairly easy to track despite the vast irritation that
are named regions.

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