Re: [patch] Sleeping cells, correction

On Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 09:38:04PM +0200, Eric Methorst wrote:
Cells do not have style pointers.  The mstyle_get_content_sleeping
is fast.  cell_get_mstyle (cell) is the bottleneck.  To be useful it
would probably need to be a dependent flag, however that is
I just helped Floris with the patch; not very well versed in applications such 
as a spreadsheet, so: what do you mean by dependent flag?
The base class for a cell is 'Dependent'

significantly more work to move around as styles are changed.  We
could steal a page from Quattro Pro and have a magic function
Rather than managing this property as a style option, we could
instead add a wrapper function that would have the special property
of putting the expression into 'sleeping mode' in your parlance.

The issue here is whether this is the best way to handle these use
cases.  As long as the extension mechanism is a new sheet function
It think it actually should be a workbook function, as people may use several 
sheets in a workbook and links cells from one sheet to onother.
You misunderstand.  by 'worksheet function' I mean a function that
the user can call from within a sheet.  THe alternatives are not
written yet.  They would allow us to have menu/toolbar entries to do

we don't have much of a choice.  However, a longer term goal would
be to support commands also.  This would allow a menu/toolbar item
to control data refresh for external links and recalc for 'sleeping'
cells would be mostly be a nop (dunno how that would affect things
like cut-n-paste where the value has really changed).
There sould be menu items in the patch allowing selective updates of all 
cells, just the sleeping or the non-sleeping ones. Or is that not what you 
Sort of.
I envision something like a 'db connection...' menu entry that would
bring up a dialog that lists all of the calls to the db in this
workbook that would allow a user to configure things by call or by

I have tested cut and paste in non-sleeping cells, and the sleeping ones are 
not affected. Copy-pasting sleeping cells will cary the sleeping flag, so 
that's ok too.
Not really.  Lets say you have an expression like
    =expensive_db_Access(A1,A2) in cell B1
if you paste that into B3 it will now read
Note that the arguments have changed

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