RE: Excel/gnumeric function compat test sheet.

I was under the impression that it was unfinished because each cell in
gnumeric 1.0.6 says "=bitor(..)". Sorry about that.
I then noticed that the numeric values are different. Switching to
excel, I noticed that each cell says "bitwise.xls!BITOR(...)", so this
isn't gnumeric's fault. I just don't understand how the cells (in every
sheet) can say exacly the same but give different functions. Could you
tell me how?
(BTW, is the fact that gnumeric says only bitor a bug?)

Since it is apparently finished, I will start working on mathematical
functions, starting with trigonometry. I am not going to do intensive
testing of the mathematical behavior (unless you guys think I should)
since I believe the basic algorithm has been checked rigidly.
However, if someone has special values and/or general tips about
hyperbolic functions (I'm not very familiar with them) I'd be happy to
hear them. (you can send just to me, I'm not sure the list would care
about this). This may take a while, but I'll do my best.

Uri David Akavia

On Fri, 2002-07-12 at 03:11, Phillip Shelton wrote:
As you noticed from the bitwise.xls file, even our simple two single cell
input functions need a lot of care when looking for edge conditions.

What exactly were you going to do to 'finish' this file?


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Well, looking at the bitwise.xls file, I can see that and, or, xor are
definently not trivial. I will try to finish this file, before starting
to write lists. It seems easy because the framework is there.

On Thu, 2002-07-11 at 18:54, Uri David Akavia wrote:
What about totally trivial functions (like AND/OR)?
What about functions in Gnumeric that are excel compliant?
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