Re: need more columns than 256...

On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 03:57:06PM -0500, Josh Fryman wrote:
i'm not on the list, so please CC replies to me.

my wife is working on some data out of analysis that's ~400 cols by ~10k rows.
gnumeric won't take more than 256 columns.

is there a simple place i can make a change to the source to rebuild for
256 col support, or is that 'fixed' in the code as 256 by too many areas 
being coded to byte-sized lookups?

It is a trivial change in 2 places

#define SHEET_MAX_COLS          256             /* 0 - 255 inclusive */

#define TILE_TOP_LEVEL  3
#define TILE_SIZE_COL   4

choose a value such that TILE_SIZE_COL ^ (TILE_TOP_LEVEL+1) >= SHEET_MAX_COLS

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