Re: Gnumeric automation using gnorba/goad/oaf/whatever?

On Sun, Mar 10, 2002 at 05:29:06PM +0200, Tommi Hassinen wrote:

Please don't tell me that this is an obsolete approach and I should build
a new fancy bonobo component or something!  :)  I really need this and I'm
ready to do what I can for this. So, can I configure gnumeric CVS version
for gnome1.4, or is there a branch in CVS for gnome1.4? Is there any other
program, simpler than gnumeric, that could provide an example of goad

Sadly gnorba is just no lopnger supported.  You need not use bonobo,
but oaf has completely replaced gnorba.

I use a debian "testing" box, and it seems to be impossible to link
correctly those libgnorba functions. The libgnorba libs, both .a and .so
ones, seem to be OK and they contain the strings.

So, what's the problem here; is it debian, gnumeric, or just me?  :)
That test program has not been run in years, and predates a huge
amount of change in gnome.  Your best bet now is to have a look at
the development tree.  Thanks to JonKare we now have builtin support
for activation as a bonobo control.

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