Re: file conversion / Unreadable files ?!

On Wed, Nov 07, 2001 at 04:03:20PM +1030, Marc Tresse wrote:

can someone please help me with the following problem ?

The attached file has been created with the
Gnumerics Spreadsheet for Debian Linux.

I copied it onto a floppy disk when I left the
company I worked for and now I can't open it
anymore. (I tried a friend's Gnumeric Spreadsheet
and also MS Excel but the format is not recognized)

Is the file is corrupted or still intact?
More importantly: How can I recover the data ?

Any advice or help would be highly appreciated!

Sorry for the long delay, the mailing list had a bit of a back log.

The file was indeed created by gnumeric, but it was mis-named.  It
is Gnumeric's native format, gzipped xml.  Rename it to
and things will work,

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