Re: gnumeric 0.48 vs 0.65

On Mon, Oct 29, 2001 at 10:22:29AM -0330, Roger Mason wrote:

I have two Red Hat installations, on is RH 6.2 the other RH 7.0. They
each have different versions of gnumeric installed (0.48 vs 0.65).
Gnumeric 0.48 won't read the files written by 0.65. Is there a way round
this problem? I have investigated installing the newer version on both
machines but it looks likely to be a major headache on the RH 6.2.
system because it appears quite a lot of libraries would need to be
installed or upgraded.

0.48 is so ancient its scary, 0.65 is not much better.  The current
stable release is 1.0.8 and we have guaranteed that all future
versions will be able to read and write the 1.0.x format.  During
the 0.x phase we only enforced backwards compatibility, not
forwards.  So it is not surprising that 0.48 could not read the
never format.

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