Graphics in Gnumeric 1.0.0 with Guppi 40.2 installed


Graphics in Gnumeric don't want to work.  When I launch
gnumeric, it says (don't know if it has something to do with it) :

        Could not find platform independent libraries <prefix>
        Could not find platform dependent libraries <exec_prefix>
        Consider setting $PYTHONHOME to <prefix>[:<exec_prefix>]
        'import site' failed; use -v for traceback
        Traceback (most recent call last):
          File  "/usr/share/gnumeric/1.0.0-bonobo/python/",
line 2,         in ?
            import gnumeric_defs
          File  "/usr/share/gnumeric/1.0.0-bonobo/python/",
line 3, in      ?
            import types
        ImportError: No module named types

When I press the graph button, it says :

        ** WARNING **: 'IDL:CORBA/COMM_FAILURE:1.0' : while attempting  to
activate a graphing component.
        should return a value.
Inserting a graphics object also doesn't work. This gives an error :
Unable to create object of type : OAFIID:GNOME_Guppi_Gnumeric ...

I installed both Guppi and Gnumeric with mandrake cooker rpm's.  In
/usr/share/oaf, the file GNOME_Guppi_Gnumeric.oaf is placed.

If somebody can help me with this ?

Thanks a lot  !



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