can't get graphs to work in 1.0

just installed gnumeric 1.0 and guppi .40 rpms onto a mandrake 8.1 system
and I can't get the graphs to work.
The error is:
** WARNING **: 'Nothing matched the requirements.' : while attempting to
activate a graphing component.  oaf-run-query
"repo_ids.has('IDL:GNOME/Gnumeric/Graph_v1/Manager:1.0')"  should return a
I checked around on the web and found that some files were missing from the
guppi rpm so I got the .tar.gz and manually found the files and put them
in the right places.  There was no GNOME_Guppi_Gnumeric.oaf file but there
was a file so I renamed it and put it with
the other .oaf files in /usr/share/oaf.

then I manually ran oaf-run-query
"repo_ids.has('IDL:GNOME/Gnumeric/Graph_v1/Manager:1.0')"  and it returned:

number of results:0

Please email any replies to my yahoo account:

raviandsuni yahoo com

Thanks in advance

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