And for Gnumeric for Gnome 2...

Greetings fellow Gnumeric h4x0rz,
        Gnome 2 marks a huge milestone for documentation writers.  We are now
moving from SGML to XML.
        This change is pertinent to all Gnome applications, including
Gnumeric.  This requires that all the Gnumeric SGML code be ported to
XML.  I have been working on this for a while.  I have about 19 files
ported to XML.  Unfortunately, not all of them are validated (some are
being cranky).  I am going to continue porting this docs over to XML.  I
ask that all the doc writers stop writing SGML for Gnumeric and focus
your attention on XML.  This is in /cvs/gnumeric/doc/C/new
        So does this mean that the SGML is deprecated?  You bet!  If you _have_
to write for the 1.4 tree, then I guess you can.  But please port your
changes over to XML as well.
        To summarize, please start working on the XML docs.  I will be porting
around you as well.  So any files which are .xml are free game.

Thank you and happy writing

Kevin Breit

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